HydroConfidence was established by Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) and American Pioneer Ventures (APV). CTC is a non-profit applied research and developmental organization providing technology-based solutions to federal and state agencies as well as the private sector. APV is a strategic consulting firm that has launched several other successful start-ups. HydroConfidence is also partnered with several faculty members at Carnegie Mellon University, and is negotiating a global partnership agreement with the University. CMU is a leader in clean tech research and environmental science and engineering.

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Our Mission

HydroConfidence will provide the natural gas extraction industry with an offering of tools and services to help maximize gas production while minimizing environmental impact. HydroConfidence is developing two primary products. The first is an aquifer monitoring system that uses a network of well-based sensors to detect methane migration. The second is a downhole monitoring system that provides data on gas flow and mechanical integrity to help optimize gas production. HydroConfidence is now field testing its first product for monitoring potential water contamination associated with shale gas extraction in the Loyalhanna Watershed.

US Patent 8,215,164 | Issued 7/10/2012

Systems and methods for monitoring groundwater, rock, and casing for production flow and leakage of hydrocarbon fluids

One embodiment of the present invention is a system comprising one or more subsystems, which can be practiced alone or in combination, which together allow for monitoring of groundwater, rock, and casing for production flow and leakage of hydrocarbon fluids. A flow measurement subsystem measures flow of hydrocarbons in the horizontal casing string. A well mechanical integrity monitoring subsystem monitors the mechanical integrity of the natural gas production well, including the junctures of a completed well. An aquifer monitoring subsystem directly monitors water aquifer(s) underneath and surrounding a natural gas production well or pad, including monitoring wells or existing water wells. A communication subsystem is used to communicate measurements taken downhole to the surface. The present invention may be used to enhance the production from a gas bearing shale formation, mitigate liability associated with hydrocarbon migration, and monitor for a loss of mechanical integrity of a well.

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